North Star Conversation Playbook: The First Step to Create a Motivated & Engaged Team

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Learn the play-by-play system to promote professional growth and help your team level up.

3 months into my job at Uber, I thought I was getting fired.

My boss “wanted to talk.”

But it wasn’t what I expected ↓

My boss and I had what I now call the “North Star Conversation.”

And it changed my career (for the better).

Who this playbook is for:

  • Startup founders and operators
  • People leaders scaling startup teams
  • Employees at growing startups

You'll learn:

✔️ How I used this convo with my boss at Uber to navigate my next career moves and make the jump to Director.

✔️ How to help your team start to develop their own growth plan without having to do all the work for them.

✔️ The 2 key questions to identify your "North Star" and the next steps to take to get there.

✔️ How to show your employees that you care about them and their professional growth.

✔️ To re-program how you think about professional development.

✔️ The critical framing step you need to take so you don't freak your team out (or make yourself panic).

✔️ How to avoid unwanted turnover on your team.

✔️ 5 pro tips to get the most out of your North Star conversations.

✔️ How to forge deeper relationships with your team.

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What founders I’ve worked with say:

“Jake sees how to make a process better, playbooks every step of the way in crisp-clear steps, and scales it out to the operation at large.”Blaine Light, Co-Founder & COO at Qwick, Former Ops at Uber

"Working with Jake was brilliant. He helped me settle and gain confidence in my new role as COO from a technical background, as well as giving me helpful strategic advice on day-to-day operations." - Elias Benussi, Co-Founder & COO at Kouo (Techstars ‘22)

"Jake is by far one of the best advisors and mentors that I have worked with. His expertise in growing startups and tackling all of the intricate problems is invaluable.” - Tyler Morgan, Co-Founder & CEO of Upkid (Techstars ‘21)

"Jake’s marketplace expertise and practical advice have been important for an early stage company like ours to design and learn from experiments, find our product-market fit, and strategize marketing and growth. I appreciate a lot that I always take away clear action plans from our conversations." - Jen Liang, Co-Founder at Haulsale (Techstars ‘22)

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North Star Conversation Playbook: The First Step to Create a Motivated & Engaged Team

0 ratings
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