Supply Growth - Abundance Plays Playbook: Use Large Groups to Get One-to-Many Access to Supply.

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Learn the play-by-play system to scale supply growth with a “Abundance Plays” AKA partner with large groups that can provide access to multiple users at once to grow supply.

The goal here is to identify the groups that own or have access to large amounts of your target supply.

You can go find your customers one at a time.

Or you can find professional associations, community groups, parent organizations, etc.

Who will give you access to a large pool of potential users.

Who this playbook is for:

  • Startup founders and operators
  • People leaders scaling startup teams
  • Employees at growing startups

You'll learn:

✔️ How to unlock access to multiple customers all at once

✔️ How to find the large groups your target belongs to and develop larger partnerships

✔️ How to avoid the long slog of building trust and credibility

✔️ The 5 Abundance Plays and the step-by-step guides to run each play at your marketplace startup

✔️ Real-world examples of how unicorns like Uber, Homie and Airbnb used these plays to scale in their early years

✔️ How to create new supply channels without disrupting the ones that are already working

✔️ The 5 Pro Tips to get the most out of each Trojan Horse Play

✔️ How to acquire incremental supply without increasing CAC

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What founders I’ve worked with say:

“Jake sees how to make a process better, playbooks every step of the way in crisp-clear steps, and scales it out to the operation at large.”Blaine Light, Co-Founder & COO at Qwick, Former Ops at Uber

"Working with Jake was brilliant. He helped me settle and gain confidence in my new role as COO from a technical background, as well as giving me helpful strategic advice on day-to-day operations." - Elias Benussi, Co-Founder & COO at Kouo (Techstars ‘22)

"Jake is by far one of the best advisors and mentors that I have worked with. His expertise in growing startups and tackling all of the intricate problems is invaluable.” - Tyler Morgan, Co-Founder & CEO of Upkid (Techstars ‘21)

"Jake’s marketplace expertise and practical advice have been important for an early stage company like ours to design and learn from experiments, find our product-market fit, and strategize marketing and growth. I appreciate a lot that I always take away clear action plans from our conversations." - Jen Liang, Co-Founder at Haulsale (Techstars ‘22)

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Supply Growth - Abundance Plays Playbook: Use Large Groups to Get One-to-Many Access to Supply.

0 ratings
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